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Lindi Research & Development, LLC is a privately owned company that researches and develops new products for select markets. It is the first and only company to market Stymulaid, a patent pending technology for men with erectile dysfunction. Our goal at Lindi Research & Development and with Stymulaid is to provide a healthier, safer, more effective product that offers men a better choice for their ED.  Our products are tested for safety, use of quality materials and first rate construction prior to being introduced to a market. With Stymulaidís design, materials and construction the result is a unique product that may help treat your erectile dysfunction without compromising your overall health.

Controlled StudyTesting Stymulaid

In one of our tests at an adult community, male volunteers from 58 years of age to 79 years of age, either with ED or with trouble maintaining an erection, volunteered to use Stymulaid for one week. Here is what they reported.

One hundred percent of the men felt stimulation the first night wearing Stymulaid. During the trial period, eighty percent when sexually aroused had an erection time within 20-to-65 minutes. Eighteen percent had an erection in 65-90 minutes. The other two percent did not achieve or sustain an erection. Some causes were common illness while other volunteers admitted they were on more numerous amounts of medications. Yet, each did acknowledge that Stymulaid produced a throbbing sensation. One hundred percent of the subjects, when asked if they would purchase Stymulaid based on their results, said they would.

Usage Cautions

 While the magnets in Stymulaid are powerful, there are specific cautions for their use.

 Do not use Stymulaid in conjunction with erectile dysfunction medications.

 Persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices or transdermal patches should keep away from all magnetic products unless approved by a physician or medical professional.

 Do not use Stymulaid if you have any open wounds, cuts or are bleeding.

 Do not use Stymulaid if you are allergic to silicon products.

 Keep Stymulaid away from any electrical equipment, battery powered products, watches and credit cards etc.

 People with epilepsy should not use magnets.

 Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before coming in contact with any magnetic products.

 Stymulaid only needs to be worn prior to sexual activity.

Individual results may vary. This Magnetic Product is not meant to be substituted by any medical advice by a physician or any other medical professional. This information is not to be used for diagnosing or treating, curing or preventing disease or any other health problems or needs. With regulations set by the FDA and other government agencies, we make no health claims regarding the benefits of any magnetic products. Magnets do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

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