Wearing StymulaidTM

Stymulaid can be worn any time. Itís easy and comfortable to wear. When properly worn and accompanied with arousal thoughts, the powerful Stymulaid magnets may help increase the blood flow into the penis to create an erection.  Always consult with a Doctor or Medical Professional to see if you are healthy enough for sexual actvities and that magnetic therapy is safe for you.

How to Wear StymulaidTM

How to Wear Stymulaid to treat Erictile Dysfunction

The Stymulaid product will fit any size penis up to seven inches in circumference. Just wrap Stymulaid snugly around the base of the penis so that it is comfortable and does not pinch the skin. There should never be any pain or discomfort while using Stymulaid.  Should this happen, discontinue using and contact your doctor or medical pofessional.  When worn properly, Stymulaid should not move.

 Connect a minimum of two magnets to hold Stymulaid in place.

 In a short time, you will experience a pleasant light tingling or throbbing sensation in your penis, letting you know that Stymulaid is working.

 You then must be sexually aroused for Stymulaid to help initiate increased blood flow into the penis and cause an erection.

 Clean Stymulaid after each use with soap and warm water then towel dry and store in your Stymulaid container.

When to Wear StymulaidTM

The first few times you wear Stymulaid should be at night, when your body is relaxed and can better experience the stimulation of the magnets and feel the increased circulation in the penis. This will also allow you to determine how long it takes to realize an erection. Erection times may vary. Some men may achieve an erection in 15 minutes and for others it may take longer. The average time is 20-65 minutes.

While Stymulaid works similar to ED medications, like Cialisģ, Viagraģ and Levitraģ, it has little or no side effects. And like those medications, wearing Stymulaid 90 minutes before having sex is a good starting point in determining how long to takes to achieve an erection when sexually aroused. In addition, Stymulaid can be worn during sex and may help maintain an erection. There is no need to wear Stymulaid all day; that will not produce more erections.

How StymulaidTM Works
The corpus cavernosa are two sponge-like cylinders that run the length of the penis. When sexually aroused, these cylinders fill with blood to provide the bulk and hardness needed for an erection. The idea behind Stymulaidís magnetism is to help increase the blood flow which generates more oxygen and nutrients found in the blood. This increased circulation and flow of oxygenated blood causes the corpus cavernosa to expand, resulting in a full and satisfying erection. To learn more and how to obtain your personal Stymulaid product, click here.


1 - Poor blood flow video - simulating poor blood flow which may be the cause of ED.
2 - Healthy blood flow video - what may occur as a result of wearing Stymulaid

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